As we walk our way, there are always those
people who make the trail shorter, more enjoyable
and still teach us to be better!

Luiza Maria Reis Margarita

Violeta Consulting – my partner, my friend, my love …
and as if all that were not enough, there is still your fantastic job of extracting, from within ourselves, the “soul” of our business, with all its content.

Maria Aparecida Sabino

my Mother, my Inspiration …
in some difficult moments, his words, willpower, optimism and example of person that is, served as support and reference.

David Lourenzo Taboada Souto Filho

difficult to find some words … Your support, integrity and friendship, already worth a life.

Fernando Machado Alves

Alecrim Computing – was born with the quality of “always” to be right, but none of this would be worth it if it did not have such humility and quality to want to help those who need it.

2-Alecrim rev02

here is a little bit of all of you

Andréia Aquino
João Hirota
John Inghan McNeill
Paula Hsieh
Pedro Folegotto
Renato Scabar
Roni Amaral Carneiro
Simone Quintas

Thank you

“Begin by doing what is necessary,
then what is possible suddenly
You will be doing the impossible”

Saint Francis of Assisi