Chico Margarita is a designer, responsible for the design of his pieces of artistic furniture, with the mission of bringing beauty, well-being and the unique and special enchantment of nature to the environments. As founder of OPHICINA SÃO FRANCISCO, he accomplishes this mission. It gives people the opportunity to have strong empathy with the furniture with which they coexist, contributing to make life more intense, true, pleasant and humane.

Graduated in Chemical Engineering from FEI (Faculty of Industrial Engineering), he worked as a consultant in several companies, contributing his knowledge and experience in processes, quality and management.

In 2002, he took his first course in carpentry and since then, after other training and dedication to foreign literature and the practice of national and international talent, he decided to follow his great passion.

In 2017, he founded his atelier.

“Result of commitment to BEAUTY,
with the true EMOTIONS and with the DIVINE.
Work based on intuition and inspiration.
Continuity of those who have come and taught us what we are capable of.
A tribute to the trees that show us, in each piece,
its importance, magnitude and individuality.
A journey that is just beginning … “

“All beings are equal, by their origin
their natural and divine rights and their ultimate goal “

Saint Francis of Assisi